RTC Business and Economic Review Q1 2019

Graphs, Charts, Calculator and Magnifying glass, used to decorate reports

The review examines the global economy focusing on expectations for global growth and oil prices in 2019. It also carried out a detailed dissection of Nigeria’s economic conditions including overall GDP and sectors, macroeconomic conditions and a unique insight into the performance of states and regions across multiple variables. We enable readers in government and the private sector understand current economic conditions and implications of the policy environment.

Overall Nigeria’s economy is recovering from recession, but growth levels are constrained and reforms must resume to catalyse higher levels of growth and employment.


Nigeria faces tough policy choices over removal of oil subsidies (which has historically been unpopular); probably contentious proposals to increase VAT rates; how to stimulate higher GDP growth and reduce poverty and employment; measures to reduce the infrastructure deficit particularly in power and transportation; reducing insecurity; and increasing investment in, and improving the quality of education, health and rural infrastructure.

Investors will be watching the first appointments and policy pronouncements that the President Buhari’s administration will make in its second term for hints of a direction towards re-invigorated economic reforms and prioritising private capital, local and foreign.